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The Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller – Linda

Ms. Woods ENG 252 Sec 400 October 29, 2012 Linda – A Pillar of Strength and Balance In the Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller My question for discussion is what I think of Linda, the wife of Willie Lohman in the play â€Å"uk/expressionism-and-realism-in-death-of-a-salesman/">The Death of a Salesman†. This is my response. I feel that Linda is the strongest character in the play. Everyone around her has major issues, her sons and her husband. Even in the reflections of the past her brother-in-law had his issues – greed being one of them. She represents stability, goodness and balance in this story.She can be looked at as the foundation of this family, like most strong women. This story takes place in the 1940’s when the environment or way of living was the woman stayed home and tended to the family and the husband was the provider. And we also have a male dominated, sort of male chauvinist society at that time. So being that the man was the provider, a ma n had a sense of being the King of his home. Because of this general idea, it reduced the importance or view of women and their roles. Meaning a woman’s role was less than important because the man was King.Therefore, we see the questionable, forceful and harsh tones that Willie uses sometimes when speaking to Linda which can be interpreted or misinterpreted in different ways. And when this happens we see Linda back down or just close her mouth. But it also should be noted that Willie is losing everything around him, at home he feels that is the only place he can control what is going on. Then we see Willie’s dementia coming to a serious level of illness. This is not mentioned in the story but we see something wrong with Willie’s mental state.By the evidence given in the story, we can conclude many things – guilt, dementia, pressure and stress or just getting old and not wanting to face it. We are not given a reason for this deteriation. But it is evident by the reflections Willie has and how he is stuck in the past and/or stuck in a fantasy that something very deep is going on. This story is very male dominated with the symbolic theme of women are just extra’s. We hear this thru Willy Jr and Biff. They don’t seem to respect women either. Thru out the story no one seems to listen to her, her sons and neither Willie her husband.Linda is a faithful wife, playing her role. She stands and supports her husband. You never hear her say a bad word about her husband other than him being sick. She knows what’s wrong but I don’t think she knows how to handle it. At a time when medically no one really knew about mental illness, I think she viewed it as stress driven. Willis has been reduced at his job, he doesn’t want to face he’s getting old and his sons not being productive are just a few issues that contribute to the unrest in this household.She tries to explain to her sons what is going on but the f act that Willie probably was traveling salesmen for a long time and has been away so much that he has no real relationship with his son’s. Therefore they feel no pity for him, especially Willy Jr. who lost faith in his father a long time ago. So part of them being worthless and non productive can be contributed to not having their father around while they were growing up. So they do not have any attachment to him or what is going on with him nor does Willie Jr. care because of what he discovered when his father was having an affair.They only have attachment to their mother, Linda. She loves her boys regardless and her husband but she feels her duty first is to her husband. We also conclude that Linda does not know about the affair Willie had nor does she know that Willy Jr. knew about it. All she knows is the relationship between big Willie and junior Willy has been severely altered. Clinging to the suspicion that Willie (husband) is suffering from mental deterioration she wa nts to do whatever it takes to let him just grow old gracefully and peacefully, even if it means turning her back on her children.This is not to be taken as rejection or meanness because they are grown and are not contributing anything positive to the situation or conditions that are evolving. That is evident when they leave Willie in the bathroom at the restaurant and he suffers a severe breakdown and they don’t even come back to check on him. I feel that when she unloaded on her sons and voiced all the truths that were said is her finally being fed up with all the confusion going on around her. She is fighting to stay strong, guide and stay dedicated to her husband while moving all negatives out of the way.That is a sign of strength and dedication. This is symbolic of how she is truly the foundation and the balance of this family. Willie is losing control of everything, his job, his mind, his finance, his pride, his youth, etc. and Linda sees all of this. Thus his harsh tre atment of her I do not feel is meant to hurt her. Remember a woman’s value in this era is reduced so she has no voice, no say and she abides by that. But in today’s time we would consider that disrespectful. I am considering the era of this story.But Linda stays strong and is always positive. Willie does realize he loves his wife and she loves him because at the end before he leaves to commit suicide he sends her to bed because he knows she would try to stop him from going out. And he knows she would do that out of love for him. Even though in his mind he sees this as a way of taking care of her and his sons. So in conclusion, the question remains do I believe that Linda was a dishrag? No I do not. Linda was the epitimy of a good wife, supportive, grounded, sacrificial and wise.She knew when to back down and when to be strong and speak out. She held Willie together as long as she could, until it was out of her hands. As she stated at his grave site, she truly did not u nderstand how deep Willie’s issues really were. Thru all the symbolism of this story, good and bad (the sons), rich and poor (the environment and Willie’s associates), young and old (his reflections back to his younger days) Linda was the central figure in this story representing neutrality, balance and humbleness.

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The Home Of Scholars And Champions Education Essay

For my fieldwork observation, I have chosen Long Beach Polytechnic High School. I am a first-time visitant to LBPHS, but I live three blocks from the school, so I see it every twenty-four hours on my manner to school and work. I have been familiar with the school since my first-year twelvemonth of high school, when my school competed against LBPHS for legion athletic events. Long Beach Polytechnic High School was established in 1895 as Long Beach High School. Currently, it is located at 1600 Atlantic Avenue in Long Beach, California. The school serves different vicinities of Long Beach, including Bixby Knolls, every bit good as subdivisions of two adjacent metropoliss, Lakewood and Signal Hill. Though the school serves multiple upscale vicinities in the Long Beach country, it is located in one of the most unsafe vicinities in all of Los Angeles. Downtown Long Beach has a repute for condemnable activity, particularly in the East Village, near Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue. The places environing the school are old and run down, and cheapjack autos line the street ‘s borders as one base on ballss by. The high fencings, barbed wire, and penitentiary-type feeling that I got upon my initial visit were non reassuring, but the statistics certainly were. Even though LBPH is located in such a bad portion of the metropolis of Long Beach, it is highly safe. Po lices say that the school poses no bigger menaces than that of any high school in an upscale vicinity. Long Beach Polytechnic High School belongs to Long Beach Unified School District. LBUSD presently includes over 81,000 pupils from 84 public schools in the metropoliss of Long Beach, Lakewood, Signal Hill, and Avalon on Catalina Island. To better understand the manner that the territory maps logistically, the salary agenda has been included in the appendix. LBUSD has even been rated one of the top 20 school systems in the universe and one of the top three in the United States. The school territory has gained widespread acknowledgment for set uping really high criterions for its pupils, both academically and socially. LBUSD has even been featured in multiple media channels, such as Good Morning America and Sports Illustrated, for enormous academic and athletic success. Schools in the territory continuously exceed province criterions, and show dramatic growing in sustained academic accomplishment. The territory credits its successes to its partnerships with local concerns, Long Beach C ity College, and California State University Long Beach. The LBUSD, CSULB and LBCC have worked with local, regional and national spouses to make a smooth way for pupils that helps them advancement from preschool to post-graduate school. The partnership has been particularly good for pupils because it combines academic and societal criterions with a deeply-rooted support system to make critical, all-around persons. LBPHS presently enrolls 4,835 pupils. The pupil organic structure is 50 % male and 50 % female, and the ethnicities are 31.1 % Asiatic, 29.9 % Latino, 26.5 % Black, 11.4 % White, and 1.2 % Other. Long Beach Polytechnic High School has an Academic Performance Index ( API ) of 750, and it has increased for each of the last five old ages. In 2012, 28.5 % of pupils scored proficient or above on the California Standards Test for math, falling rather abruptly of the province norm ( 51.4 % ) ; nevertheless, this defect is countered in English: 52.1 % of pupils scored proficient or above in English. Harmonizing to an interview with the school principals, LBPHS has a graduation rate transcending 90 % ! The free and reduced-price tiffin plan on campus serves 63.7 % of the pupils. Enormously, the attending rate at the school is over 95 % ; that means that, on any given twenty-four hours, 4593 pupils are on campus. With such diverseness and capacity, it is surprising that the school can keep suc h high rates. LBPHS offers many astonishing academic chances for pupils, including 11 acquisition academies through which pupils learn. One of the highlighted academies of the school is called the Program of Additional Curricular Experiences, besides known as PACE. Pace is a high-velocity, aggressive attack to academics that merely accepts the best work from the brightest of pupils ; it pushes them to their fullest potency, and this has drawn attending from many pupils who desire such an experience. Some other academies at LBPHS include the Beach Academy of Math and Science, the Pacific Rim Magnet Academy, the Center for International Commerce, the Academy of Humanities, the Media, Entertainment, Technology and Sports Academy, and the Medical and Public Services Academy. This system of larning communities has been extremely effectual because each academy specializes in a certain type of pupil ; the categories, instructors, and overall experience are shaped to the pupil ‘s ends , instead than the pupil being limited by their environment. The staff play an perfectly important function in developing these dramatic acquisition communities. Long Beach Polytechnic High School has highly-qualified and experienced module. LBPHS presently employs 179 instructors who, together, have a average experience of over 14 old ages. With 4835 pupils, the ratio of staff to pupils is 27:1, a reasonably sensible ratio sing the sum of budget cuts, layoffs, and dropped categories. Presently, over 98.6 % of categories taught at LBPHS are No Child Left Behind compliant. The combined experience and student-teacher ratio aid to do Long Beach Polytechnic High School one of the best schools in the state. The staff and decision makers work together to form the multiple academies on campus. Since there are academies dedicated to particular skill sets and category types, there is no traditional English section ; nevertheless, there is are legion academies where English has an accent. The academies are headed by a instructor, and the other members meet to form and discourse a course of study specific to each academy, instead than holding each section meet to discourse their ain course of study. The caput of each academy, every bit good as the staff list, can be seen in the appendix. Long Beach Unified School District has legion reading lists recommended by the State of California. The territory allows instructors, pupils, and parents to take books that are relevant to the reading degree and grade degree of the pupils. There are a sum of 13 lists, each with 100s of books -far excessively many to name here, or in an appendix ( The reading list is 99 pages! ) . The reading lists advancement in trouble, with List 1 holding the easiest books and List 13 holding the hardest books. These lists contain books with a corresponding class scope to assist pick books that are interesting and relevant to pupils in any given class. List 1 is included in the appendix. Any pedagogue could state you that engagement and extracurricular activities play a important function, whether it be from parents assisting their pupils pick proper books from the territory reading list or from pupils seeking an mercantile establishment from the course of study, leting them to come in a positive societal environment that can assist fix them for a life-time of critical thought and public service. Long Beach Polytechnic High School is no exclusion to this impression. Harmonizing to the school web site, â€Å" [ T ] he full Poly experience includes engagement in the school ‘s diverse nines and activities. † The school has over 100 on-campus nines, including service nines and societal groups. LBPHS hosts legion formal and informal dances, lunchtime mass meetings, carnivals, community clean-ups, community public assistance and beautification undertakings, school beautification undertakings, and simple school tutoring Sessionss. Students are able to take part in the Student Commission, a group, elected into office by their equals, that manages the ASB budget and makes fiscal determinations for the remainder of the pupil organic structure. The members of the Student Commission, every bit good as ASB, organize, manage, and take part in most of the events antecedently listed. Along with these countless nines so legion that there is bound to be something for everyone, pupil and module likewise, are some of the state ‘s best athletic plans. Long Beach Polytechnic High School has a star-studded athletic history and plans for both male childs and misss. Recently, Poly received the Rotary Centennial Trophy for the 16th clip consecutively for running the most successful athletic plan in the metropolis of Long Beach. The school has besides been voted â€Å" Athletic School of the Century † by the California Coaches Association. In the last five old ages, Sports Illustrated Magazine has rated Long Beach Polytechnic High School as one of the top athletic schools in the full state. The athleticss presently available to pupils of LBPHS are badminton, hoops, transverse state, football, association football, golf, swimming, tennis, path and field, volleyball, H2O Polo, wrestle, baseball, and playground ball. The school has sent more football participants to the National Football League than any other school in the full state. Poly is non home to any â€Å" dense athletes † ; the school has some of the most demanding academic outlooks for their jocks ; student-athletes from Long Beach Polytechnic High School are extremely sought after. The school has much to offer pupils, from a broad array of nines and activities to a distinguished sports plan that caters to some of the best jocks in the United States. The wealth of information that I have acquired while carry oning this study of Long Beach Polytechnic High School has made me improbably excited to get down working with them. I have non begun any observation, yet I am overwhelmed with the pride of going a portion of such a wondrous successful topographic point of larning. I have ever been a tough critic when it comes to academic establishments ; I have struggled to happen the good in schools when the bad radiances through some vividly. Long Beach Poly has reignited my flicker. After seeing the astonishing work that the pupils and module are making, I have faith that we can do future coevalss more critical, socially-aware, and brilliant. They may non hold the best installations ( they ‘re located in a destitute â€Å" goon † ) , but everyone makes do with what they have, and they keep their eyes set non on the environment, but on their wildest dreams. The unbelievable success of the sports plan was something that I was c ognizant of beforehand, but I was unaware of its magnitude until I performed this survey. I was genuinely blown off when I read that LBPHS has been ranked as one of the top athletic schools in the state. Besides, when I read that, despite the big figure of pupils on the free or reduced-price tiffin plan, the poorness rate of the environing vicinity, and the diverseness and size of the pupil organic structure, the school is every bit safe as any other urban school of its assortment. The rate of attending besides made my jaw bead. I went to high school in Temecula, California. My school was upper-middle category, predominately white, and we ne'er got anyplace near 95 % attending. All of this research makes Long Beach Polytechnic High School shine even brighter in an already sparkling school territory. The infinite positive findings about LBPHS has dramatically shifted my position. Originally, I intended to carry on my fieldwork at that place merely because of my propinquity to the cam pus ; nevertheless, now, I intend to detect at that place because I am filled with school spirit, and I am non even a Jackrabbit! The school looks perfectly fantastic, and I am no longer afraid of such a intimidating establishment.

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Racism in the Air Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Racism in the Air - Essay Example To bring change on a large scale, we not only require leaders who portray and possess quality of good, but also individuals from different cultures and races for a prejudice free society. Minimizing the racial issues government has been playing its role and has worked hard to eliminate the causes of discrimination. But it’s high time for individuals to realize of their responsibility, especially the people from media who have huge impact on the audience by their thoughtless words. Our approach has to learn the right direction to deal with such intriguing matters. Author has tried to show us how people of different cultures and sects can leave significant mark on others due to their reactive and proactive approach.In this article there are two personalities with biracial identities. Barack Obama and Hella Berry, though they have been pronounced black but they both have traces of two races. There’s an urgent need to understand the multiracial background they are coming fr om and personal experiences. In the intergroup relationship with other social categories and the class becomes evident. Though interracial marriages are common since 1967 they are commonly accepted and frequently occurred. Multiracial backgrounds represent minority group in USA.   People who have biracial identities understand the racial discrimination with better understanding.The author points out in the article that how people of the same culture outcast the   biracial personalities thus keeping a low regard for other races and culture.

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Maldoror by Comte de Lautreamont Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Maldoror by Comte de Lautreamont - Essay Example He himself shifts into various animal forms and sees people do the same. He wants people to embrace the base, vile animal within themselves in order so that they will become evil too. Animals live by their appetites, they have no higher reason or calling. Maldoror wishes to see humanity reduced to this base form. He transfers into animal form to escape his disgust for humanity. It is easy to sense the poet's own disgust with humanity. He clearly is unhappy with human hypocrisies and sees in the animal kingdom something that is purer or freer of guile. He sees an insect as a beautiful thing, not as something disgusting. This is worthy of note. Few works in the history of literature have made as much of an impression as this one. Its non-narrative structure and powerful imagery influenced a generation of surrealists. But it also contains a larger, almost theological message: We should value the distinction between us and animals.

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Managing across culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Managing across culture - Essay Example Being the Management Consultant for the telecommunications company which is planning to take its business to the international level and market; it becomes very important to make a thorough study about the available literatures on the different challenges that a company faces on a foreign soil and make recommendations accordingly. During the initial study, the team has found a number of possible challenges that could pose a threat to the smooth internationalisation of the company. Among the several challenges â€Å"culture shock and poor adjustment† seems to have the greater potential for disturbing the smooth internationalisation of the company. The first part or Part One of this research paper discusses the different available literatures and their observations. 1.2: Definition of â€Å"Culture† According to Adler (2008) culture can be defined as an integrated system of behavior among the human beings which takes into consideration the thoughts, beliefs, languages, co mmunications, customs and values, mannerisms of ethnic, religious, racial or social groups of people and the ability of those very people in conveying the same attitude their succeeding generations. Thus, a lot of elements joins together to form a specific culture for a group of people. From the very elements, it could be understood that culture is not a day’s process or a matter of a few months but instead culmination of habits and attitudes over a prolonged period of time and as result of multiple behavioral elements or factors (Bartlett and Ghoshal, 1998). 1.3: Relation between Culture and Working Attitude According to the study and observations made by Berry, et al (2002) a human being is highly influenced by the culture to which he or she has been raised up in. As observed by Browaeys and Price (2008), culture is a system of behavior consisting of varied elements that shapes up their life and other activities associated with their lives. The culture of an individual affe cts the psychology, that is, the thought process. The psychology in turn decides the behavior, attitude and goal of an individual’s life, the likes and dislikes, and even most importantly, their working attitude. The findings of Buchanan and Huczynski (2004) in their study indicate this very fact. An individual is highly influenced by the culture to which he or she belongs. It is so because it impacts an individual from a very tender age, during the very basic years of an individual when one’s beliefs, emotions, outlook and attitude is at the nascent stage. Culture moulds the attitude of an individual at every stage, when an individual forms their attitudes towards their family, education and institutional life, their personal circles, and their attitude towards work. Culture has a greater role to play in shaping the attitude towards work of an individual. Burnes (2000) observe that different cultural factors have been influencing the communication skills and practices of the individuals in the workplace and working atmosphere for a long time. The perception of work and work pressure is also dependent on an individual’s attitude towards work. For instance, one who has been surrounded by a strong working culture will be highly motivated to work hard, turn the most impossible task into reality, the individual will not give up in any case. On the other hand an individual who has been experiencing a lethargic working culture w

Trangle Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Trangle - Article Example This I did by surveying the type of motor they were using and the problems faced in its operations. I finally completed my sales pitch my emphasising on my personal reputation. I provided links of clients to whom I have sold the motors; emphasised how I go the extra mile to ensure proper after sales service even though it was not my job. Thus I used ethos in order to sell electric motors. To use logos we might cite facts and statistics, historical and literal analogies and try to appeal to the good sense of the listener. An example of where a logo has been used by me was the Green Peace fund collection campaign. People are generally reluctant to give their hard earned money ; so I had to start by explaining to them the danger our environment is presently in ; I cited figures and logical arguments which told them the harm that global warming had done and how our children are sure to inherit a bleak future. By doing this; the good sense of the listener was persuaded and I tried to make him do something for the environment in which he lives. Pathos is usually an emotional appeal where we try to invoke sympathy, anger or any other emotion of the audiences. Pathos is used regularly by me in trying to get a girl to go out with menthe general strategy is to get a lot of sympathy from the girl whom I like so that she goes out on a date. Once a feeling of pity or sympathy comes; the girl finds it difficult to say no to a date. Logos and Ethos will not be as effective in this situation as an emotional appeal

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Story book review for project management class Essay

Story book review for project management class - Essay Example As Peter Guber and Peter Bart follow suit from the eureka of the initial view until the end of its manifestation on the middle night television, the motivation behind the story is the omnipresent shoot out including the confrontations and standoffs, dilemmas and entanglements as directors, producers, writers, agents and stars struggle to put forward their personal and conflicting agendas in the look for the Holy Grail (Peter and David 2010). From the rise and collapse of the studio organization to the appearance of the heroes as entrepreneurs to the active duty of the sovereign, draws on a dream of future and the repeated as well as unheeded lessons of the previous. Shout out pertinently shows Hollywood as a firm, which producer’s stories the same way Detroit assembles motor majorly with backstabbing. As revealed by Stephanidis (2013), the industry very interesting as pointed out by Peter Guber and Peter Bart is the fact that an individual will not be able to rebound from prof ession oblivion as well as the one who will rise to the levels of filmic magnificence with an unexpected blockbuster. The real mavericks are the few people who are one day denigrated for their courage and then valued for their excellent delusions of magnificence. This essay therefore, gives an overview of the project management with respect to the book. Shoot out correctly, and regrettably, reflects Hollywood’s present lackluster ability to dazzle a listener with a given degree of novelty. The book tries to trip the reader inner secret report but fails to elucidate upon the insightful and interesting. As pointed out by Tinnirello (2000), the shoot out makes reader unaware of the evil acts and risks in the film industry. Guber and Bart have been key components of the Hollywood Industry, and have not only observed the firm and its revolutions, but have affected and trained the power brokers of the years to come. From as early as their recognition, Guber and Bart pointed out tha t their story will be a casual, quasi confess about the business of Hollywood. They asserted that various west coast bigwigs exit running in the different direction when asked to transmit knowledge on the drafted page. Every chapter has a theatrical heading given firms focus. When Guber and Bart are explaining the Godfather in the section about writer; the Holy Grail, they focus on the way novelist Mario Puzo simply outlne the grand Corleone story and sold it to the Paramount picture to take care of his growing family while drafting the story version of the novel. Drawing on his knowledge as the director in charge of the production of film, Peter Bart insecurely sketches an edition of the legend of the Godfather instead of elucidating what happened behind the scenes. Through touching of activities without any accurate detail, nothing latest is disclosed about the Godfather. The whole book could be drafted about the Brando’s vocational inflexibility or lack of film experience by Pacino. It is evident that the authors have a huge deal of disrespect for agent’s actions of feeding off the talents and riches of their customers. A review of Holmes (2002) revealed that the most innate chapter of the story; the Zookeepers, upholds a wonderful