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How to Structure Congressional Reform Essay Topics

How to Structure Congressional Reform Essay TopicsCongressional reform essay topics can range from the most general to those that are specifically geared towards a particular issue. Most writers who write for Capitol Hill and the halls of Congress think about a specific topic first, if not always.Regardless of the subject matter, the idea is to identify an issue in which the American people feel they have a unique constituency. Having the Congressional reform essay topics listed prior to writing is important because it gives the writer an overview of what the issues are and how the general public feels about the topic. It also gives the writer a solid structure for their writing and provides a good starting point for engaging their audience.The topics are fairly short, so they can be assigned as needed during the legislative cycle. Once the articles are written, they are submitted and immediately judged. If the articles get approved, the writer has an outline that has already been re viewed by his or her subject matter expert and it is now ready to go to a publishing house. If the articles are rejected, it may take several rounds of revisions before the content is accepted.Proposals are frequently put forth by Congress to the American people during the legislative process. Their biggest contribution to the legislative process is usually in the form of legislative proposals. Proposals are simply written materials containing specific ideas of what government should do. Proposals are often what advocates have most leverage to get enacted.Writing proposals can be difficult, however, because no two bills are ever the same. That is why proposals have become so popular with legislators in Washington. Because there is such a demand for this type of writing, proposal writers often work on multiple proposals at once, working on each of them for months, even years.Because they are submitting so many proposals at once, the proposal writers often do not get the chance to pla n their presentations and use the time effectively. Therefore, the proposals tend to get caught up in everything else, and become very long and unfocused. This can put an impossibly large amount of pressure on the writers. By then, it is probably too late to take the submissions out before the deadline and still have the books sold.Some proposal writers make up their own reform essay topics, combining several ideas together to come up with one big proposal. Others will write a handful of proposals, placing them together to form a series.

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Meaning of Different Surnames on Your Y-DNA Results

Even though Y-DNA follows the direct male line, matches with surnames other than your own can occur. This can be disconcerting for many until you realize that there are several possible explanations. If your Y-DNA marker results closely match an individual with a different surname, and your genealogy research does not seem to indicate a past adoption or extra-marital event in the family line (often referred to as a non-paternity event), then the match may be the result of any of the following: 1. Your Common Ancestor Lived Prior to the Establishment of Surnames The common ancestor you share with individuals of different surnames on the Y-DNA line may be many, many generations back in your family tree, prior to the establishment of hereditary surnames. This is the most likely reason for populations where a surname that passes down unchanged from generation to generation was often not adopted until a century or two ago, such as Scandinavian and Jewish populations 2.  Convergence Has Occurred Sometimes mutations can occur through many generations in completely unrelated families which result in matching haplotypes in the present time frame. Basically, with enough time and enough possible combinations of mutations, it is possible to end up with matching or closely matching Y-DNA marker results in individuals who do not share a common ancestor on the male line. Convergence is more plausible in individuals belonging to common haplogroups. 3.  A Branch of the Family Adopted a Different Surname Another common explanation for unexpected matches with different surnames is that either your or your DNA matchs branch of the family adopted a different surname at some point. A change in surname often takes place around the time of an immigration event but may have occurred at any point in your family tree for any one of a number of different reasons (i.e. children adopted the name of their step-father). The likelihood of each of these possible explanations depends, in part, on how common or rare your paternal haplogroup is (your Y-DNA matches all have the same haplogroup as you). Individuals in the very common R1b1b2 haplogroup, for example, will likely find they match many people with different surnames. These matches are likely the result of convergence, or of a common ancestor who lived prior to the adoption of surnames. If you have a more rare haplogroup such as G2, a match with a different surname (especially if there are several matches with that same surname) is much more likely to indicate a possible unknown adoption, a first husband you may not have discovered, or an extramarital event. Where Do I Go Next? When you match a man with a different surname and you are both interested in learning more about how far back your common ancestor likely lived, or whether there may be a possibility of adoption or other non-paternal events, there are several steps you can take next: Upgrade the Y-DNA test to 111 markers (or at least 67) for both you and your match. If you both match with only 1 or 2 mutations at that level then you are likely to connect within a fairly recent genealogical time frame (7th cousins or closer)Find a second person to DNA test from both your line and your matchs line. This will need to be another male relative on your direct paternal line, preferably as far back as possible on the line based on generation, not age. If both of the new men tested also match each other as well as the two original test takers, this further confirms the genealogical connection.Go through the genealogical research done on the direct male ancestors of the two matching men with a fine-tooth comb, looking for locations that each family may have had in common. Were any of their ancestors neighbors in the same county? Or perhaps attended the same church? This may help you to determine in which generation the common ancestor likely lived.

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Literary Review of Bram Stokers Dracula Essay - 1230 Words

Review of Bram Stoker’s Dracula Prior to the creation of the literary classic â€Å"Dracula†, Bram Stoker spent his time managing the Lyceum Theatre and legendary actor Henry Irving. According to Jennifer Dorn, when the novel was first published in 1897, critics regarded it as a â€Å"pulp fiction potboiler† (Dorn). The novels declaration as a literary masterpiece came many years later. A graduate of Trinity college, Stoker came from a middle class Irish family, the son of a civil servant. The publication â€Å"The Literary World of Bram Stoker,† by Jennifer Dorn, declares that Stokers vision of the setting of London’s Victorian upper-class society, derived from his station in the acclaimed Lyceum Theatre and from his memories of summer travels to the†¦show more content†¦Though you will find that many of his novels â€Å"explore woman’s entrapment within domestication and subjection and their dangerous and sometimes violent attemp ts to escape from this restriction.† (Wikipedia, Gothic Fiction). This could leave the reader wondering if Stoker was really a sexist or a secret applauder to the feminist movement by creating female characters who exhibit such independence. There are many interpretation of Stokers inspiration for the characters in Dracula, and of the Count himself. According to a biography written by Barbara Belford, Stoker based his dark vampire character on his actor friend and employer, Henry Irving. Stokers â€Å"slavish devotion† to the actor can be compared to the relationship between Renfield and the Count (Miller). In the novel, Renfield is driven mad with powerful loyalty to the Count. Belford insinuates in â€Å"The Biography of the Author of Dracula,† that the relationship between Irving and Stoker was of the same dominate nature. Belford goes forward to declare that the Stoker slyly includes in his novel repressed homoerotic and sexual tendencies, possibly his own, that were forbidden by society standards of that time. This issue brought forth the fears of societal sexual independence in the Victorian era. Another speculation for the inspiration of the Count Dracula in Stokers novel is of the Prince of Wallachia, Vlad III. He ruled over what is now known as Romania during the yearsShow MoreRelatedAbraham Stoker and Theater1231 Words   |  5 PagesAbraham (Bram) Stoker began his life bedridden, weak, and helpless. Stoker, third of seven children, was born in Clontarf, a suburb of Dublin, on November 8, 1847 (Whitelaw 9). His parents were Abraham Stoker, from Dublin, and Charlotte Mathilda Blake Thornley, who was raised in County Sligo (â€Å"Bram Stoker†). He spent most of his early childhood laying in bed, watching his brothers and sisters play outside through a dusty old window. â€Å"As a child, he wondered if he would get sicker--if he would endRead MoreHow Dracula Is The Most Famous Literary Vampire1658 Words   |  7 Pages An Immortal Soul: Why Dracula is the Most Famous Literary Vampire The title character and antagonist of Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula is an easily recognizable character in the Western canon. Without ever reading the book or watching any of the countless movie adaptations, people will craft vampire characters with feelings and behaviors nearly identical to those of Dracula. However, Dracula’s success is not because it was the first novel of its kind. Vampiric literature had been around forRead MoreDraculas Book Report Essays1276 Words   |  6 PagesBram Stoker Bram Stoker (1847-1912) is best known as the author of Dracula. Abraham Stoker was born in Clontarf, Ireland in 1847. He was a sickly child, bedridden for much of his boyhood. As a student at Trinity College, however, he excelled in athletics as well as academics, and graduated with honors in mathematics in 1870. He worked for ten years in the Irish Civil Service, and during this time contributed drama criticism to the Dublin Mail. Despite an active personal and professional life,Read MoreAbraham Bram Stoker: A Brief Biography705 Words   |  3 PagesAbraham Bram Stoker, born in Dublin on November 8, 1847, was an Irish novelist, theatre critic and short story writer. As a child, Stoker was often ill and he spent most of his time in bed. His mother, who was as a charity worker and a writer, told him horror stories that, most likely, had influenced his later writings. The ones he found most interesting were the stories about the cholera epidemic in 1832, which killed thousands of peop le in Europe and North America. In 1864, Stoker enrolled at theRead MoreEssay about Bram Stoker1449 Words   |  6 PagesBram Stoker Bram Stoker unleashed his horrific creation on an unsuspecting world over one hundred years ago. One could hardly imagine that his creature of the night would delight and inhabit the nightmares of every generation between his and ours. Count Dracula has become an icon of evil, and is perhaps the most widely recognized bogeyman in all of world literature. To date, there have been over one hundred films made about Dracula or other assorted vampires, not to mention countless novelsRead MoreAnalysis Of Walt Whitman s Dracula And Bram Stoker s `` Dracula ``1886 Words   |  8 PagesWhitman has inspired people with his literary work by addressing his views and expectations to the future generation. Not only was his circular connection relating the reader to his poems, but the realistic truths and observations in these poems revealed deep confessions, which affected the reader’s personal feelings and opinions. Expanding further than American readers and writers, Whitman had establ ished an impact worldwide. Writers such as Oscar Wilde and Bram Stoker, two Irishmen that know of Whitman’sRead MoreBram Stokers Dracula: A Variation of a Classic Work in Modern Time1509 Words   |  7 Pagesthe death of his one true love, as he chose to become the undead. Director, Francis Ford Coppola, in his work, â€Å"Bram Stoker’s Dracula†, reaches beyond the words to prove Dracula was more than a monster in creating the movie. Coppola focuses on Dracula as a man, as well as a knight, who is both deeply in love with his church and his bride. The historical elements in the writings of Bram Stoker come to life more so in Coppola’s work with the movie, than in the book. My goal of this paper is to proveRead MoreComparing Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the 1972 Film Blacula Essay1917 Words   |  8 PagesBram Stoker’s Dracula is not only a classic story of men and monsters, but a dramatic reactionary work to the perceived threats to Victorian society in nineteenth century England. In modern times there have been many film adaptations of the novel, each developing a unique analysis or criticism of the literary text within the framework of the society and time period in which it was created. The 1972 film Blacula is one of the most culturally specific variations on the story of Dracula, and highlightsRead MoreDifferent Perception of Women: Dracula by Bram Stoker1850 Words   |  8 PagesIn the late 19th century, when Dracula by Bram Stoker is written, women were only perceived as conservative housewives, only tending to their family’s needs and being solely dependent of their husbands to provide for them. This novel portrays that completely in accordance to Mina Harker, but Lucy Westenra is the complete opposite. Lucy parades around in just her demeanor as a promiscuous and sexual person. While Mina only cares about learning new things in order to assist her soon-to-be husband JonathanRead MoreEssay on The Effec ts of Modern Vampires on Society1980 Words   |  8 Pagesbought the first book because I was wondering why this genre is so famous. I was surprised and I continued reading. Then I researched further. I was a kind of skeptical, but also addicted reader. Finally, I made a conclusion that Bram Stoker, the author of the novel â€Å"Dracula† is certainly turning over in his grave. After I got used to the fact that in this century vampires in literature are vegetarians, spark in the sunlight, all of them are attractive creatures with a 17-year-old body, but with a 104

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FrostsMending Wall, By Robert Frost - 841 Words

Mending Wall was influenced by Frosts neighbor while he lived on his farm in New Hampshire. Like in Home Burial, and Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, Mending Wall is based on Frosts experiences in New England. Frost and his neighbor met every spring to wall along their stone wall and fix any problems with it, this is the exact setting of Mending Wall (History). Frosts neighbor, like the neighbor in the poem, always believed in the same saying good fences make good neighbors. The only major difference between the poem and Frosts actual experiences is that in the poem the farmer and his neighbor had orchards, while Frost had a poultry farm (History). To this day Frost remains one of the most significant poets and†¦show more content†¦This proves that everything he wrote had an impact on the literary world and what he wrote was important too. Furthermore, Frost was nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1950 and was close to winning it again in 1961, but failed to win it because of his advanced age (Kainzow). To be so close to winning one of the most recognized awards at the age of 86, further proves his significance in the literary canon. Frost was so important to the literary world that Poet Society of America named an award after him. The Robert Frost Medal is awarded to poets for their distinguished lifetime achievement in American poetry (Frost). In 1960 Frost was presented with the Congressional Gold Medal, which is the highest award an American civilian can win. President John F. Kennedy presented him with the award in 1960 and a year later President Kennedy asked Frost to recite a poem at his inauguration (Biography). Frost recited The Gift Outright but because his vision was begging to fail he had to memorize the poem. This shows just how popular Frost was, and how well respect he was too. Frosts importance to the literary canon can be shown by more than the awards he has won. Frost was able to reach a large and diversified readership (Caravantes), unlike poets like Shakespear whose work can be found harder to read and comprehend, Frosts work consisted of colloquial language which allowed him to be able to speak in poetic but plain language

Christopher Marlowes Dr. Faustus Essay - 1950 Words

In Dr. Faustus, Christopher Marlowe demonstrates how temptation can drag us down into a world of darkness and consequence. He creates a tragic epic based off of a legend in Western culture. He uses allegorical characters to create a morality play and present moral lessons to his audiences, typically of Christian nature. The story of Faustus is based on an actual magician in the fifteenth century who lived in an area of northern Germany. In the play, the common scholarly forms of authority did not please Dr. Faustus. He believed he was too superior to remain in this realm of knowledge and wanted to reach much further than what he was already exposed to. Due to the strong desire to escape humanity and enter a world far beyond reality,†¦show more content†¦Ay, we must die an everlasting death. What doctrine call you this? Che sarà  , sarà  : What will be, shall be! Divinity, adieu! These metaphysics of magicians, and necromantic books are heavenly! (Marlowe 1:40-50) While Dr. Faustus is reading he comes to the conclusion that Christianity can only promise death. However, due to his blindness of temptation he fails to read the next lines of the Bible. He ignores a passage that speaks about the possibility of redemption. Therefore, he ignores the possibility throughout the rest of the play, especially when spoken to by the good angel. The desire to become powerful is burning in his eyes and causes him to have blind spots. He can no longer see the hopeful outcomes that can arise in his current situation. When he turns his back on heaven he believes that black magic is now the heavenly source and religion is the source of â€Å"everlasting death.† Dr. Faustus craves to practice necromancy as soon as possible, not thinking about the consequences that may follow. When his friends, Valdes and Cornelius come to visit him, he is speaking strongly about his yearning and says, â€Å"Tis the magic, magic that hath ravished me† (Marlowe 1:112). In response, they warn him about what he is about to get himself in to. Cornelius says, â€Å"The miracles that magic will perform will make thee vow to study nothing else† (Marlowe 1:136-137). Without hesitation, blinded by his dark desires, Dr. Faustus fullyShow MoreRelated Christopher Marlowes Dr. Faustus - The Folly of Dr. Faustus623 Words   |  3 PagesChristopher Marlowes Dr. Faustus - The Folly of Dr. Faustus Christopher Marlowes tragedy of Dr. Faustus envelops a realm of theological issues around one mans quest for knowledge. Feeling a university education to be inadequate for his purposes, Faustus makes the ultimate sacrifice possible to quench his thirst for otherworldly wisdom. Yet even though he gains amazing powers and a broad reputation as a man in the know, his quest is incomplete. He actually learns very little. The natureRead More Christopher Marlowes Dr. Faustus - Is Dr. Faustus Crazy or Sane?913 Words   |  4 PagesChristopher Marlowes Dr. Faustus - Is Dr. Faustus Crazy or Sane?  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Christopher Marlowes play, Dr. Faustus, is the story of the struggle of one man who is battling with himself over what he values most in life, and to what extent he will go to obtain what he desires. The battles over the control of ones ego and what a person values in their life are the two underlying struggles in this work. Faustus is a very educated and high member of society, but he was born in a lower class and hasRead More The Religious Motivations of Christopher Marlowes Dr Faustus1786 Words   |  8 PagesThe Religious Motivations of Christopher Marlowes Dr Faustus Dr Faustus is a short play written by Christopher Marlowe. The play is a masterful insight into the paradoxical soul of mankind and its ironically self inflicted corruption. The play could be classified as a theological allegory. It can be assumed that the play specifically speaks to the religious motivations of the time, but can be adapted to the present as well. Marlowe portrays Faustus’ ambition as dangerous; it was the cause ofRead More Dr. Faustus Consumed by Pride in Christopher Marlowes Doctor Faustus1418 Words   |  6 PagesDr. Faustus Consumed by Pride in Christopher Marlowes Doctor Faustus In this theoretic play, Christopher Marlowe presents a man that is well educated, but is in search of more than what education can give to him. Dr. Faustus is a man possessed by himself, blown up in pride, and blinded by his own intellect. This blind, self- centered man challenges the ideals of death and the Devil. The first scene opens with Dr. Faustus in his study, he is seated, and then he begins to speak in depth of whatRead MoreMary Shelleys Frankenstein and Christopher Marlowes Dr. Faustus1286 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Frankenstein’s Monster† as her character which embodies the traits of a romantic hero. The model was relatively new; however, Christopher Marlowe had written a character in the early fifteenth century which embodied the same characteristics. These attributes of romanticism in the form of a hero are seen in both Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and Christopher Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus in very much the same way. The authors use their respectiv e hero to show the flaws in human nature and humankind’s predispositionRead More Christopher Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus and Modern Psychology Essay939 Words   |  4 PagesChristopher Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus and Modern Psychology Due to the fact that I recently finished reading Spirit and Will by Gerald May, I find my perception of Christopher Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus filtered through that book. May, a psychiatrist from the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation in Washington, D.C., makes a rather courageous attack on a sacred cow, modern psychology. He asserts that Psychology is fundamentally objective, secular, and willful whereas the core identity of religionRead More Christopher Marlowes Dr. Faustus - An Insatiable Desire for Knowledge, Wealth And Power1430 Words   |  6 PagesChristopher Marlowes Dr. Faustus - Corrupted by an Insatiable Desire for Knowledge, Wealth And Power The Renaissance period is characterized by a grand desire for acquisition of knowledge and a passion for emerging individuality.   Scholars and educators   . . . began to emphasize the capacities of the human mind and the achievements of human culture, in contrast to the medieval emphasis on God and contempt for the things in this world (Slights 129).   However, the whirlwind of change broughtRead MoreComparing Dr. Faustus And Marlowe And Mamet983 Words   |  4 Pagesclassical music and opera to paintings and cartoons. From Goethe to Radiohead, Dr. Faustus’ thirst for knowledge and the chaos this desire produces have captivated artists of all disciplines. This paper will examine two theatrical depictions of this myth. A little more than 400 years separate the original productions of Christopher Marlowe’s The Tragic History of the Life and Death of Dr. Faustus and David Mamet’s Faustus, but both plays feature the bare bones of the Faust myth. Vastly different politicalRead MoreEssay about Dr Faustus - Ambition1259 Words   |  6 PagesDr Faustus - Ambition â€Å"Marlowe’s biographers often portray him as a dangerously over–ambitious individual. Explore ways this aspect of Marlowe’s personality is reflected in ‘Dr. Faustus.’ † Christopher Marlowe lived during the Renaissance period in 16th century England. Although this was a time of change, the Elizabethans still had fixed moral values. ‘The Chain of Being,’ a concept inherited from the Middle Ages, can be described as a hierarchy of society, with the monarch at the top andRead MoreDr. Faustus Essay637 Words   |  3 PagesBy: Mark Daugherty In Dr. Faustus, Christopher Marlowe uses the resolution of the conflict between Dr. Faustus and the beliefs of his time to explore the idea of mans place in the universe. In Faustus time, it was believed that man had a place in the universe, and man must stay within his boundaries. It can be shown that Dr. Faustus stepped out of his place, failed in his attempt repent his actions, and ultimately caused his own end. The conflict between Dr. Faustus and the belief system of

Types of Musical Instruments free essay sample

The piano is a musical instrument played using a keyboard. It is widely used inclassical and Jazz music for soloperformances, ensemble use, chamber music and accompaniment and forcomposing and rehearsal. Although not portable and often expensive, the pianos versatility and ubiquity have made it one of the worlds most A guitar is a popular musical instrument that makes sound by the playing of its (typically) six strings with the sound being projected either acoustically or through electrical amplification (for an acoustic guitar or anelectric guitar, espectively). The flute is a musical instrument of the woodwindfamily. Unlike woodwind instruments with reeds, a flute is an aerophone or reedless wind instrument that produces its sound from the flow of air across an opening. The drum is a member of the percussion group of musical instruments. In the Hornbostel-sachsclassification system, it is a membranophone. [1]Drums consist of at least one membrane, called a drumhead or drum skin, that is stretched over a shell and struck, either directly with the players hands, or with a drum stick, to producesound. We will write a custom essay sample on Types of Musical Instruments or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The violin, also known as a fiddle, is a string instrument, usually with four strings tuned inperfect fifths. It is the smallest, highest-pitched member of the violin family of string instruments, which also includes the viola, and the cello. Many people think that the double bass is a member of the violin family, but it is really a member of the viol family. A sulibao is a conical tenor drum played by the Ibaloi people of the Philippines. It is played with the hand. It usually appears as part of an ensemble along with the kimbal, pinsak, kalsa and palas. l] Kulintang is a modern term for an ancient instrumental form of music composed on a row of small, horizontally-laid gongs that function melodically, accompanied by larger, suspended gongs and drums The palendag, also called Pulalu(Manobo and Mansaka), Palandag(Bagobo), Pulala (Bukidnon) andLumundeg (Banuwaen) is a type ofPhilippine bamboo flute, the largest one used by the Maguindanaon, a smaller type of this instrument is called the Hulakteb (Bukidnon). A lip-valley tlute, it is considered the toughest ot the three bamboo tlutes the others being thetumpong and the suling) to use because of the way one must shape ones lips against its tip to make a sound. An electric guitar is a guitar that uses apickup to convert the vibration of its strings into electrical impulses. The most common guitar pickup uses the principle of directelectromagnetic induction. The ukulele originated in the 19th century as a Hawaiian interpretation of the machete, a small guitar-like instrument related to thecavaquinho, braguinha and the raJÂ ¤o, taken toHawaii by Portuguese immigrants.

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Nurse in Romeo and Juliet Essay Example For Students

Nurse in Romeo and Juliet Essay I am doing an essay about the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet. I will be looking at her character functions in the play, with the language and her impact of her in the play. The Nurse is employed by the Capulet family since the birth of Juliet, and the Juliets upbringing has been left entirely in her hands. The Nurse has a lot of affection for Juliet. She plays more of a mother figure to Juliet than her natural mother does. She provides entertainment by making jokes and bawdy comments. She also relieves the tragedy with her humour in the play. The nurse is an imperative character in the play because Shakespeare uses her to moves the plot forward. She is like a messenger informing Romeo and Juliet of the news and keeps the story going. Shakespeare also uses her to bring humour in the play which contrasts with the tragedy waiting to happen in the end of the play. In the play she is described as being as a capacious lady, she is written to wear a flowing dress. Romeo pretends that she is a ship and that her headscarf is a sail, A sail, A sail. From the way she looks, moves and wares bring humour in to the play. She audience laugh at her and from the Act 2 Scene 4 we can expect that she will be bringing humour in the play. All of the absurdity that she brings contrasts with the Tragedy of Rome and Juliet. She also heightens the problem or the tragedy and raises even more tension there is. The Nurse is very talkative, she loves to make speeches and talk about the past The Nurse frequently tells stories and is reminiscent about her past. E.g. She often talks about her daughter Susan, who became deceased when she was only months old. Susan and she- God rest all Christian souls- were of an age. This all make Lady Capulet and Juliet infuriated towards her. She often does not think before speaking, she frequently talks about sex to Juliet and says that marriage is not about love, but it is about sex. Yea, quoth he, fallst upon thy face? Thou wilt fall backward when thou comest to age wilt thou not, Jule? It stinted and said, Ay. She uses a lot of rude and sexual language in the play. She also recall what her husband said to her daughter dost thou fall upon thy face? Thou will fall backwards when thou hast move wit She tell Juliet another vulgar stories, which contrasts with the more noble language of Lady Capulet .She talks about sex in the presence of Lady Capulet, which is not very appropriate as she is a high status women and she is married, so when the Nurse talks about marriage being just about sex, Lady Capulet may feel uncomfortable. These types of characteristics irritate characters such as Lady Capulet but keep the audience humoured and entertained. This shows us that she is really close to Juliet in person closer than her own mother. The Nurse is totally devoted to Juliet and is also loyal towards her. Although she is thoughtless at times, her intentions are always good. Even when talking about uncomfortable issues such as sex to Juliet, she is only trying to warn Juliet about life from her experience, it might have been her own marriage which was based on sex. The nurse doesnt understand that times and people have changed. This shows the Nurses ignorance, as she is not well educated and not very intelligent The relationship of the Nurse and Juliet is more like a mother and daughter relationship where as lady Capulet and Juliet isnt. The Nurse takes care of Juliet and is very protective of Juliet. She tells Romeo to not mistreat Juliet But first let me tell ye, if ye should lead her in a fools paradise as they say it were a very gloss kind of behaviour. When Juliet speaks to her mother she speaks very formally, calling her madam. The conversation is stilted and proper, whereas with the Nurse she talks very openly. The Nurse uses many different terms when she is referring to Juliet, What, Lamb? What Ladybird? That is another sign of a close bond. The language in which they use to communicate is far less formal than that of the language with Lady Capulet. There seems to be a relaxed atmosphere around them. She is also a confidante towards Juliet, Juliet can tell her secrets and personal things to the Nurse. There relationship is like a relationship between two sisters and also a relationship between a mother and her daughter. This bond has been developed because the Nurse has looked after Juliet ever since she was a child and has treated as a daughter, as she has been wet Nurse for Juliet. As they spend so much time together, they feel they can trust each other and confide in one another. Lady Capulet relationship with Juliet is complete different, she doesnt fell comfortable being alone with Juliet Nurse, come back again, have rememberd me, thous hear our counsel The Lady wishes to discuss things with Juliet, but finds it uncomfortable. She calls the Nurse back immediately. She is seen as a trusted family servant to the Lord Capulet in Verona. Lady Capulet cant even talk to Juliet in private she need the nurse with her. This shows us that Lady Capulet is doesnt had close relationship with her own daughter while the Nurse does. We also see that Nurse tring to protect Juliet from her father, Lord Caplet when Capulet threatens and insults Juliet for refusing to marry Paris, the Nurse tries to intervene. She says Christmas Carol EssayNurse realises the depth of Juliet feelings for Romeo Ill to my wedding-bed And death, not Romeo, take my maidenhead Through the impact of these lines, which say that, not Romeo, will take her maidenhead but it will be death. At this point the Nurse shows sympathy and goes to fetch Romeo from the Lawrence cell, Ill find Romeo and Juliet tell her to gives her a ring to give to Romeo. Here the Nurse is also used as a messenger from Juliet to send Romeo a ring and tell him to come back to Juliet. The nurse does stand up for Juliet in Act 3 scene 5 against Juliets father violent rage against Juliet. The nurse was the only person that Juliet could turn to for help and comfort. At act 3 scene 5 Juliet gets threatened to marry Paris and she need the Nurse to help her to persuade her parents. She is in an impossible situation, she is already married to Romeo and the Nurse knows that. After all the outburst of Juliets parents the nurse advice Juliet to marry Paris, Romeo is banished hes as good as dead, disclout. From this point Juliet turns against the Nurse from this point she changes. When the Nurse confirms what she really thinks, that Juliet should marry Paris, Juliet says Amen I agree. But she doesnt mean it, she turns against the Nurse, she has changed and has her own mind. The nurse is no longer the person to whom Juliet can turn to. Juliet is angry and let down by the Nurse. Thou and my bossom henceforth shall be twain Now see will ask friar to know his remedy she will go to Friar Lawrence for help now. The nurse was being realistic when she was telling Juliet to marry Romeo which contrasted with Juliet romantic vision of her love. I think the Nurse still has Juliets best interest at heart and has not betrayed in any way. I feel the only reason the Nurse is telling Juliet to wed Paris as opposed to Romeo is because then she will still keep a good relationship with the Capulet family and so she doesnt end up on the streets, with no money and not a healthy life. As Romeo is banished, he cannot provide a good home and family for Juliet while Paris can and Juliet does not break her bonds with her family. For all her upbringing of Juliet, she is unable to understand her true feelings and fails to read her intentions when she apparently accepts Paris. At this point the audience would be shocked from what the Nurse has advised Juliet to do and would feel angry toward The Nurse. But as wee see the Nurse reaction towards the death of Juliet after drinking the potion we see that she really does care for Juliet. At act 4 Scene 5 we see .The nurse at Juliet chamber try to wake Juliet up for the wedding. She was the first person to find out that she was dead because she has a close relationship with Juliet and familiar intimate relationship When the nurse find out that Juliet is dead she is in horror Shes dead, deceased, shes dead Here Shakespeare uses repetition shes dead. He also uses the hard d sound alliteration, all this language get the horror impact for that scene. All this shows us the Nurse really cares about Juliet; she is like her own daughter. Its a very dramatic moment, she is distressed. In the play she would be in panic and it all shows us that she really cares about Juliet. On the other had her mothers reaction to Juliets death is completely different, she just thinks about herself. O me, O me, my child, my only life She is upset but Shakespeare uses interesting word to describe that, which implies that she is thinking about herself, me my. She only uses o my child o my life she just cares about herself. The father of Juliet has a deep regret over the death of Juliet, Shakespeare uses poetic language to describe the regret over the death, Death lies on her like an like an untimely frost Here Shakespeare uses simile to describe the death, he uses natural images which are very beautiful; Upon the sweetest flower of all the field. Here we have very beautiful images while the situation is very horrible. Shakespeare also uses gentle, soft sound images sweetest, he also uses alliteration flower field In line 85- 91 Shakespeare compares what the day would have been like, the sorrow of the death of Juliet that make the family change. That is the last scene in which we see the Nurse. Throughout the play, she appears, however when she loses Juliets trust, she is lost from the play. The Nurse plays a critical role in Romeo and Juliet. Without her, the play would be less entertaining as she adds humour to the play, but also makes the sad moment even more depressing as when Juliet dies, we feel sorry for the Nurse the most as she has brought her up from when she was born and she has to witness her tragic death, which she may feel partly responsible for, as she advised Juliet to forget about Romeo and wed Paris. The plot could not have been developed and the story could not have been facilitated if it was not for the essential character of the Nurse!